Wildscape Engineering a Full Service Restoration Firm.

Wildscape provides the suite of skills necessary for the successful planning, design, and implementation of river, wetland, and upland restoration projects.

Recent Work

1 - Eroded culvert outfall at Needle Peak and Ski Run to be restored
Bijou Park Creek Restoration Project

The 850-acre Bijou Park Creek Watershed extends from Heavenly Mountain Resort in the upper watershed and

Industrial General Permit

Industrial sites can pose risks to water quality from potentially harmful pollutants used in day-to-day operations.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Civil Design

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center is a non-profit organization that rehabilitates injured and orphaned wild animals.

Moorhen Marsh Management Plan

Moorhen Marsh is a 20-acre wetland complex constructed in 1974. Since then maintenance has been conducted

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