Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Civil Design / South Lake Tahoe, CA


The Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center is a non-profit organization that rehabilitates injured and orphaned wild animals. For thirty years, the founders have run the organization out of their home. Now, the Center is building a new facility with veterinary services and animal enclosures. This facility will rehabilitate many species of animals including bears, birds, bobcat, otter and deer.

Overall Progress

Wildscape Engineering provided engineering design for site grading, drainage and paving. The new property is large and the site was designed to preserve existing trees to maintain a wooded feel. Low-profile stormwater BMP buffer strips and basins will blend in with and utilize undisturbed areas of the site for runoff treatment. Site paving and circulation considered movement of large vehicles and exterior ADA access. Additionally, we developed the SWPPP for erosion control during construction and managed the permit process with the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Project Design Elements

  • Stormwater BMP Design
  • Site grading
  • ADA Access
  • Pavement Design

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